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   [07/26/17 16:45]  clarson:   It's one of those pieces of software I like to keep just for sentimental reasons
   [07/26/17 15:19]  awinell:   I was really surprised that the software still works on windoze 10
   [07/26/17 15:19]  awinell:   someone didn't want anyone else to hear that show, clarson, lol
   [07/26/17 14:13]  clarson:   awinell, i just had a ratdog show that was encoded to mkw! WTF?! who ever used that? i decided to ignore and move on
   [07/26/17 09:56]  micgram:   now you're talking
   [07/25/17 17:22]  jones267:   3 18 1977
   [07/24/17 12:20]  shnfoobar:   I'd rather have them before they're converted to tagged flac.
   [07/24/17 12:19]  shnfoobar:   When uploading, please leave as shn filesets for me please
   [07/24/17 10:58]  awinell:   just copied an old HD and almost all the folders were shn, had to dl MCWACT lol
   [07/23/17 19:07]  clarson:   Yes
   [07/23/17 18:01]  jjoops:   Also, I'd like to credit his work in a forum discussion here. Can links to here be made public?
   [07/23/17 18:00]  jjoops:   Does anyone know how to reach (I guess former) user jmoleton?
   [07/23/17 08:27]  clarson:   Err since 2002
   [07/23/17 06:51]  contact420:   Phil hasn't had a great line-up since the Q-fact
   [07/23/17 04:43]  clarson:   There's where I"m at. Weir's our Ratdog!?
   [07/22/17 18:56]  misujry:   I have to admit that on my 65th Birthday I saw P & F in Port Chester and it was only marginally amusing. I will never go again.
   [07/20/17 05:12]  micgram:   also known as the throw some guys together with no rehearsal and steal your money band
   [07/20/17 04:04]  xamonline:   phil lesh and friends
   [07/20/17 04:04]  xamonline:   phil lesh
   [07/18/17 10:21]  micgram:   hey hey hey whatcha got to say
   [07/13/17 15:52]  dazed64:   
   [07/11/17 05:38]  walstib68:   
   [07/10/17 14:40]  Ltapilot:   Thank you to the seeder of gd71-12-05.prefm.miller.3391.shnf.
   [07/05/17 11:39]  micgram:   also have the 4pg pull out section from the anchorage times that's really cool with picture of Billy salmon fishing and other cool stuff the paper did a good job
   [07/05/17 11:23]  micgram:   yeah it's orange says grateful dead in alaska june 19-21 i put one on my backpack and saved one which i still have
   [07/05/17 11:12]  misujry:   Yow! I got the stubs and the poster, but I didn't know there was a bumper sticker!
   [07/05/17 06:50]  micgram:   the memory ain't what it used to be thanks for alerting me to it a while back i didn't remember how good it was
   [07/05/17 05:39]  GratefulFrum:   i got a question...besides music...where do i find dead shirts, besides the off. store...
   [07/05/17 01:11]  dazed64:   
   [07/04/17 19:33]  walstib68:   ...and you have a visual memory of my ALL TIME FAV Sugaree. Lucky sonofagun!
   [07/04/17 12:18]  micgram:   just got a surprise in the mail from my best friend Perry who i met in Alaska by the way he sent me the Alaska poster he`s had it all these years i have bumper sticker and newspaper and stubs no poster until now
   [07/04/17 12:16]  micgram:   wonderful record
   [07/04/17 12:16]  micgram:   have the lp bought it many many years ago probably mid 70`s i`m guessing
   [07/04/17 11:52]  walstib68:   Pump Song!
   [07/04/17 10:30]  rÄ…banka:   Mickey Hart Rolling Thunder
   [07/04/17 08:15]  micgram:   but always once was enough never sought out recordings or relistened to a show not once
   [07/04/17 08:13]  micgram:   saw furthur many times but hearing an
   [07/04/17 08:13]  micgram:   with this band i can relisten to shows after hearing them once with previous bands i never did that
   [07/04/17 07:44]  walstib68:   as a whole, I thought 6/30 was better...but both were well played! I didn't do too much relistening to the 1st two tours but I find myself replaying the crap outta this years tour.
   [07/04/17 07:04]  micgram:   6/30 also real good
   [07/03/17 15:32]  micgram:   7/1/17 damn i can`t believe i`m saying this but Dead and Co are killing it i thought i was done i thought it was done no way i`m all in
   [07/02/17 16:14]  synche:   If this is trolling, someone spank me.  Please, please, spank me.
   [07/02/17 16:11]  synche:   full bluray, hd encodes
   [07/02/17 15:37]  synche:   Join blutopia.xyz in beta.  Open reg.  FreeLeech
   [07/02/17 15:35]  synche:   Plants are growing rapidly.  Lookin' good!
   [07/02/17 15:33]  synche:   boop booop da doop ba de do beeep
   [07/02/17 13:00]  walstib68:   betty boop!
   [07/02/17 04:58]  micgram:   bored betty
   [07/01/17 18:45]  GratefulFrum:   betty boards
   [06/28/17 11:19]  Darkmoon:   
   [06/27/17 20:10]  LesinSD:   I've got nothing to say, but that's okay...
   [06/27/17 18:26]  micgram:   go to a show you hope she goes
   [06/27/17 01:38]  dazed64:   
   [06/25/17 14:50]  walstib68:   frazer if you see this, you have an email!! At your gmail addy.
   [06/25/17 12:26]  Darkmoon:   yes
   [06/25/17 12:12]  Torfinn:   Is LL Down?
   [06/24/17 06:58]  Outpost2015:   winterland
   [06/24/17 02:14]  acehigh53:   Sec. 211, Row 2. Behind the 3rd base dugout. 2nd row behind the lower box seats.
   [06/23/17 17:33]  jman:   hi Acehigh53, are these ga floor by any chance?
   [06/23/17 14:46]  acehigh53:   2 tix available for July 1 Dead & Co.Wrigley Field
   [06/22/17 02:04]  acehigh53:   2 tix available for June 30 Dead & Co. at Wrigley Field.
   [06/22/17 01:49]  dazed64:   
   [06/21/17 05:01]  walstib68:     
   [06/15/17 06:25]  sanday:   http://www.gdvault.com/tracker/details.php?id=ab49e29cc830c5d67e40a379f68fcabeb4f09f83
   [06/15/17 06:24]  sanday:   several of have been seeking this one for months, here's a link if it helps: http://www.gdvault.com/tracker/details.php?id=ab49e29cc830c5d67e40a379f68fcabeb4f09f83
   [06/15/17 06:23]  sanday:   Can anyone help out with this one: bw2012-04-27.nak300.bleich-sirmick.120012.sbeok.flac16
   [06/14/17 16:14]  micgram:   killer
   [06/14/17 04:12]  walstib68:   06/26/74 this a.m. Jam-> China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider-> Beer Barrel Polka-> Truckin'-> The Other One-> Spanish Jam-> Wharf Rat-> Sugar Magnolia, E: Eyes Of The World  
   [06/11/17 23:56]  shnfoobar:   Thank you to my seeder "bwrw1992-07-23.nak300.bleich-sirmick.92753.sbeok.flac16"   :dance::dance:
   [06/07/17 15:43]  deadatty:   There are SBDs on here, you gotta torrent them onto your computer,
   [06/07/17 12:57]  jonathan:   where are the grateful dead soundboards i want to trade with peopl ?
   [06/07/17 12:56]  jonathan:   how do i use this iste iam so new to all this
   [06/06/17 13:34]  micgram:   RFK
   [06/05/17 14:40]  dazed64:   
   [06/04/17 10:15]  Blue_Yodel:   Morning folks !  All seems to be in the order.  Again, thanks to ALL of you
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Posted by: gflded
Posted on: 10/12/2009 05:37
Title: GD Vault/Workingman's Tracker Mission

GDVault and Workingman's Tracker is a forum and torrent site dedicated to trading and discussing the music we love from the band that is truly beyond description, The Grateful Dead.  

Because we are Dead-centric, we will never become one of the mega-torrent sites that abound on the internet, and we like it that way. This is part of a close knit group of folks who love the music, trade freely and share knowledge and experiences in the discussion forums.

Our membership is open to everyone interested in Grateful Dead music and lore. There are no ratio requirements at this site so feel free to download and share as you wish. Newcomers to this hobby as well as seasoned traders are welcome. We will do our best to answer any questions about the site, the band, the music, archiving, hardware or software.

GDVault/Workingman's Tracker is dedicated to the sharing of high quality, lossless, trade-friendly music. The scope of music traded and discussed also includes individual band members' projects.

New Member Signup:

Welcome to gdvault/Workingman's Tracker!

New memberships are subject to administrator review. When you create a new account, make sure you give us a permanent email address where we can contact you if needed. Usually we don't use email for contacting members, just the site PM system Please, no usernames or email addresses with more than 28 characters. Your account will be validated usually between 12 and 24 hours.

The rules are simple:

Be Kind

Please help the seeders. Stay seeding on new torrents until there are a few seeders, at least, no matter your upload/download speeds. Downloading and bailing is not good tracker etiquette anywhere.

Open your ports. If you don't know what this means, see the "Nat: Are You Firewalled" topic in the forums.
Enjoy the tunes!

Legal Stuff:

We attempt to keep all torrents legal. Although none of the music appearing on this website is actually hosted here, if you are an artist or a representative of one, and you believe any of the torrents here may lead to illegally shared files, please E-mail gflded at gdvault dot com or gdvault at gdvault dot com.

Site owners, administrators and staff members take no responsibility for any misuse of GDVault or Workingman's Tracker.

Grateful Dead Trading Policy

The Grateful Dead and our managing organizations have long encouraged the purely non-commercial exchange of music taped at our concerts and those of our individual members. That a new medium of distribution has arisen - digital audio files being traded over the Internet - does not change our policy in this regard.

Our stipulations regarding digital distribution are merely extensions of those long-standing principles and they are as follows:  No commercial gain may be sought by websites offering digital files of our music, whether through advertising, exploiting databases compiled from their traffic, or any other means. All participants in such digital exchange acknowledge and respect the copyrights of the performers, writers and publishers of the music. This notice should be clearly posted on all sites engaged in this activity. We reserve the ability to withdraw our sanction of non-commercial digital music should circumstances arise that compromise our ability to protect and steward the integrity of our work.

Posted by: gflded
Posted on: 06/04/2009 00:27
Title: Grateful Dead

All previous WT project source lists and topics can be found in the "Ye Old Projects" forum

Steve's Listening guides for project years are here:

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