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   [10/21/17 05:53]  contact420:   Promise of the Real... I am now a fan
   [10/21/17 02:09]  scenedl:   validate pls
   [10/19/17 20:25]  SIRMick:   Why don't you gracefully upload something
   [10/19/17 15:04]  placebro:   ah...this one   http://gdvault.com/tracker/uploaded_images/5509_billy_mickey_ramrod.jpg
   [10/19/17 14:39]  placebro:   The last image....with Billy, Mickey, and Ramrod
   [10/19/17 14:38]  placebro:   Does anyone have a date on this video?   http://gdvault.com/tracker/uploadeazaimagini.php?show_all=1
   [10/19/17 13:57]  placebro:    12-31-87 set III DVD
   [10/19/17 13:49]  placebro:   and please folks...NO MORE JOKES ABOUT THE CALIFORNIA FIRES!  Truly awful and not to be made fun of.
   [10/19/17 13:45]  placebro:   Please keep uploading your fine audios.  The best ever recordings!
   [10/19/17 13:44]  placebro:   Anyway.  I hope you will change your mind arfarf.
   [10/19/17 13:43]  placebro:   Staff told me not to take your bait, and I will stayed focused.  I am not confused.  I know what is allowed to upload, and I have a ton of stuff.  If I am welcome to share it with the kind folks here, great.  If not, I will continue to support this site financially without condition.  My videos speak for themselves.
   [10/19/17 13:42]  mydland_years:           
   [10/19/17 12:34]  sanday:   same old Graceful Duck, some people never change
   [10/19/17 12:30]  sanday:   what a freaking drama queen
   [10/19/17 12:27]  sanday:   550 plus torrents have been uploaded here so far this year, that's an average of two a day, but they come in spurts, have some patience
   [10/19/17 12:17]  placebro:   I'm filling a 3TB HD with juicy Grateful Dead videos for our fearless leader.  US mail is better than torrenting.
   [10/19/17 12:14]  placebro:   Good point.   I should just pay up and shut up.   Will do.  
   [10/19/17 12:12]  sanday:   well, they ain't whining about it like you are
   [10/19/17 12:10]  placebro:   Great.  I'm cool with only donating and looking at a screen void of torrents every day.  Not sure how the rest of membership feels about no torrents though.  Only time will tell.
   [10/19/17 12:07]  sanday:   Nope, that is not what I'm saying at all
   [10/19/17 12:01]  placebro:   Is this allowed?   12-31-87 set III DVD   Now I am confused.
   [10/19/17 12:00]  placebro:   Should I feel swindled?
   [10/19/17 11:59]  placebro:   So just take my money, and not my torrents?  Is that what you are saying?   I hope you are wrong.  
   [10/19/17 11:53]  sanday:   I can see where they'd want to give it a good, long think in your case, you seem confused about what can and can't be shared here, imo
   [10/19/17 11:25]  placebro:   I hope you have better luck with your request to staff than I have had sanday.  My formal request is still unanswered.
   [10/19/17 11:22]  placebro:   As for "low traffic trackers", I find the opposite.  Much easier, with no technical issues.  Go figure....
   [10/19/17 11:21]  placebro:   I am able to upload images using the "Upload Image" button above, but I have no clue where they are actually uploaded to.
   [10/19/17 09:20]  placebro:   We're dropping like flies!
   [10/19/17 09:17]  sanday:   speaking only for me, I have technical issues upping to a low traffic tracker like this, so I've PMed staff and asked for a change in my membership status, so within a day or two, you'll no longersee me listed as an uploader
   [10/19/17 09:14]  placebro:   I don't have permission.   Why don't those who have permission upload?
   [10/19/17 08:45]  placebro:   Amen to that contact420
   [10/19/17 07:42]  SIRMick:   Why don't you gracefully upload something
   [10/19/17 06:31]  sanday:   Good morning music lovers!
   [10/19/17 06:14]  placebro:   12-31-87 set III DVD
   [10/19/17 05:51]  placebro:   I should have said " Lets focus on getting some music on THIS tracker."   Nothing new for close to a week.  
   [10/19/17 03:22]  Rjb01122:   6/9/1980
   [10/18/17 17:35]  placebro:   I miss the old days...when we bonded over shows.   Play a game of tennis, go hang out afterwards, drinking beer and stuff, listening to a whole tape or two.  Making a copy while we hung out.   That was the Zen of trading.  We actually liked each other and bonded as friends.  The Grateful Dead was responsible for countless friendships from the time you first heard it.
   [10/18/17 14:24]  placebro:   Lets focus on getting some music on the tracker.  
   [10/18/17 14:20]  placebro:   The numbers of people who check in here every day validate the existence of this tracker.  When a funding crisis came to be, and staff put out the call for help, I stepped forward with others to do what we could.   I would hate  to be penalized for it.  
   [10/18/17 14:13]  placebro:   I will say this - I would hope that given the opportunity, those who show good faith, positive attitude, and the willingness to share freely are granted the grace to do so here.  Life is too short for harboring grudges, and fanning the flames of hate.  
   [10/18/17 08:40]  placebro:   Amen to that contact420
   [10/18/17 07:59]  contact420:   well... let's hope the transition to the next world will be smooth for us all!
   [10/18/17 06:55]  placebro:   Back at you mydland_years.
   [10/18/17 06:54]  placebro:   Aright, have a great day everyone, and remember to read the WT page below:  "The rules are simple: Be Kind"  
   [10/18/17 06:49]  mydland_years:   That are was supposed to be arrgh ...
   [10/18/17 06:49]  placebro:   She asked my wife privately "Does my tumor smell?"  She is very brave and is my father's caretaker at this point.  So this is my lot.  I hope for a mild winter, that they can manage safely.
   [10/18/17 06:47]  mydland_years:   Placebro , are
   [10/18/17 06:45]  placebro:   Yes.  That's true.  He doesn't complain.  
   [10/18/17 06:36]  contact420:   at 97 there's nothing to complain about, I mean he's 97
   [10/18/17 06:29]  placebro:   My mom's tumors are growing.  She is somehow staying positive.  My father is 97 and increasingly frail.  My biggest concern is a fall.  The future is grim.  Our last visit a couple of weeks ago was unlike all previous visits.  We are doing all we possibly can to help.
   [10/18/17 06:22]  placebro:   I'm just trying to be a good member here. I am hoping that WT will see many nice days ahead.    
   [10/18/17 06:00]  sanday:   not sure how spending your time being a phony and a jerk on the internet helps your folks, sorry to hear about their health issues
   [10/18/17 05:45]  placebro:   I try to be a respectful, and good member here.   That's the best I can do.
   [10/18/17 05:44]  placebro:   I guess people have much different concerns on a day to day basis.  
   [10/18/17 05:43]  placebro:   I wonder how I can care for my aging parents as they face grave health issues and try to endure their first New England winter in 20 years,
   [10/18/17 05:39]  sanday:   I wonder how long it'll be before your banned here again
   [10/18/17 05:38]  sanday:   Yes, I get that way when I see the first shout of the day is, shall we say, less than the whole truth
   [10/18/17 05:33]  placebro:   Thank you for all of your contributions as well.
   [10/18/17 05:31]  placebro:   You seem to be very hostile this morning.   I am getting some blood work done today, Then off to work, and post office to donate to our loving community here.  
   [10/18/17 05:25]  sanday:   I wouldn't hold your breath until your membership is approved there duck
   [10/18/17 05:03]  placebro:   Redemption is always a good thing.   Benevolence is even better.
   [10/18/17 05:00]  sanday:   How many times does that place have to ban you before you get it?
   [10/18/17 04:54]  placebro:   BCE looks like a nice place.   No reply on my registration email though.   Must one donate $$ first?
   [10/17/17 09:31]  sanday:   Happy 70th birthday wishes to Bobby!
   [10/17/17 08:01]  sanday:   I'm all knotted up in a research project, so I don't have time to ferret out what's on the up and up Fab 4 wise
   [10/17/17 07:59]  sanday:   performance audio only
   [10/17/17 07:58]  sanday:   I think we are allowed to share other artists here, including Beatles, if you point me at something withoutofficial content, I'll prove it
   [10/17/17 07:55]  sanday:   sometimes if you refresh, your last shout repeats
   [10/17/17 07:50]  placebro:   I don't think we are allowed to share Beatles here....a shame, it is.
   [10/17/17 07:49]  placebro:   Thanks.  Those Beatles cuts will need scrutiny, but looks great to me.
   [10/17/17 07:48]  placebro:   whats with the repeat shouts?
   [10/17/17 07:48]  placebro:   link perhaps?   I'd like to see if it's something new to surface.
   [10/17/17 07:47]  sanday:   wow, even those tiny bells Mickey had sound perfect on this Miller 6-14-84 freshy - the beauty of PCM capture imo
   [10/17/17 07:43]  sanday:   I'm on the wrong PC to fetch and post a link
   [10/17/17 07:42]  sanday:   should be easy to find, under audio by other bands
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